Electric car for kids, UTV with two seats – Stels Guepard 4×4

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The amazing UTV Stels Guepard 4×4 is the ideal electric car for active kids. Explore with style all the amazing benefits and functions of this large utv: opening doors, large backseat, high-performance shock absorption suspension, the front lights and the taillights light up and work perfectly in areas with low light. Parents do not have to worry that they may lose the control of the car, because this electric utv comes with a standard remote control that has priority over the steering wheel and throttle, allowing the adults to take the lead. Safe, robust, elegant and super-fast – Superstar utv ensures the travel for an amazing moment. The UTV is equipped with a seat belt so that the child is safe at all times.


For traveling, the car is equipped with 4 35W motors powered by a 12V, 7Ah battery.

Rubber wheels

The car is equipped with sustainable rubber wheels made of EVA material that gives a smooth and quiet running.

Four-wheel suspensions

The car is equipped with all-wheel suspension to ensure a comfortable trip of your child.

Opening doors

The doors of the car are opening, thus facilitating the access for children both when getting in and off the car. The doors can be opened with the button placed on the inside of the car.

Headlights and taillights that light up

When starting the car, the headlights and taillights light up, being provided with LEDs for a low consumption. The lights faithfully follow the model of the original car, providing it with an elegant note.

Ecological leather seat

For the maximum comfort of your child, the car is equipped with a comfortable and spacious seat made of ecological leather. At the same time for the safety of your child, the car is equipped with a two-point seat belt. The seat is fitted with two places.


Car handling

The car is provided with a comfortable steering wheel, there are 2 buttons on the steering wheel, one drives the horn and the other starts the songs with which the car is provided. The car can be driven by rotating the steering wheel to the left-right, the throttle is achieved by pressing the pedal, and the braking is done by releasing the same pedal. The maximum speed that the car can reach is up to 7 km / h.

Multifunctional board

includes a multimedia system provided with the following facilities:

USB jack – located under the panel

TF card connector (microSD) – located under the panel

MP3 jack (allows an MP3 or phone to be connected to the car’s audio system) – is located under the panel

The current battery voltage is shown on the default display thanks to the included voltmeter. The display is also made graphically to make it easier to follow by your child as well

From the buttons you can adjust the sound volume, change the songs of the car as well as pause the songs temporarily

Battery charging

To charge the battery use the charger received in the package with the car. The charger shall be connected to the specially designed location under the car seat.

Car remote control

If your child cannot reach the foot pedal or if he only needs a helping hand, you can take control with the fully functional wireless remote control. With the remote control you can fully control the travel direction, as well as the way to move back and forth. The remote control is of 2.4G-type, which means that it will not interfere with other cars

ATTENTION! We recommend that you do not use the car on tall grass or sand (there is a risk that grass or sand will enter the motors!). It can be used on small grass or lawn but in this case you have to consider that the service life will be shorter due to the increased power consumption for this.

Product size: 130 x 80 x 80

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