Electric ATV, model HM1, 2000W motor, 20Ah lead-acid battery

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The HM1 electric ATV is a powerful and reliable electric vehicle. It is equipped with a 2000W engine and a 60V / 20Ah lead acid battery, which provides a range between 30-40 km at a full charge. The charging time is about 8 hours.
The HM1 electric ATV is COC certified and has a total weight of 110kg, of which 35 kg are the weight of the battery. This vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 45km / h and can climb slopes with a 12 degree tilt angle.
The size of the tires is between 3-10, which ensures a good grip on any surface. An AM or B driving license is required to drive this model of electric ATV.
HM1 electric ATV is an excellent option for those who want to travel in or out of the city, without polluting the environment and without consuming fossil fuel. It is a robust and powerful vehicle, able to cope with any type of field, and its powerful battery ensures a comfortable range to reach the desired destination.

*To drive this model, a driver’s license (category AM or B) is required

Important note

The autonomy expressed in the product description is approximate and may vary depending on various factors, such as:

  • Travel speed
  • The weight of the rider and passenger
  • The road’s incline grade
  • Low temperatures

Battery weight 35Kg
30-40km / full charging
12 degrees

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20 Ah

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120 Kg