Gasoline ATV, 49cc, Model ATV 7, Automatic Transmission with Chain Drive

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The ATV model ATV-7 is a gasoline-powered off-road vehicle with a powerful 49cc engine and an automatic chain transmission. Built with a durable steel frame, this ATV is designed to handle rough terrain and challenging off-road conditions.

The ATV features both front and rear disc brake systems, providing strong and secure braking even on rough terrain. Its maximum speed is 40 km/h, allowing it to move quickly through difficult terrains.

With a maximum loading capacity of 60 kg, the ATV can carry heavy loads on rough terrain. The front wheels are 4.10-6″, and the rear wheels are 13X5.00-6″, providing excellent traction on rugged terrain.

The net weight of the ATV is 40 kg, and the gross weight is 48 kg. The packaging size is 1020*580*440mm, while the size of the ATV itself is 1100*650*590mm. The seat height is 450mm, and the minimum ground clearance is 165mm. The wheelbase is 690mm.

The final drive is through a chain, and the front suspension features a double mechanical shock absorber, providing a comfortable off-road experience. The rear shock absorber is of the monoblock type, and the price of this product is 2850 lei.

In conclusion, the ATV model ATV-7 is a powerful and durable vehicle, designed to tackle rough terrains and challenging off-road conditions. With a strong engine, automatic transmission, and high loading capacity, this ATV is an excellent choice for those who wish to explore off-road terrains.

Name ATV-7
Engine 49cc
Transmission Automatic
Frame Material Steel
Front and Rear Brake System Front and rear disc brakes
Maximum Speed 40 km/h
Maximum Load Capacity 60 kg
Wheels Front 4.10-6″, Rear 13X5.00-6″
Net/Gross Weight 40kg/48kg
Package Dimensions 1020580440mm
ATV Dimensions 1100650590mm
Seat Height 450mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 165mm
Wheelbase 690mm
Final Drive Transmission Chain transmission
Front and Rear Suspension Front dual mechanical shock absorbers

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Weight 40 kg
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