Electric cars for kids

Welcome to the ATV and electric cars category on Trotty.ro! Here you will find a wide range of electric vehicles for kids, from ATVs and Jeeps to sports cars and UTVs. With high-quality models and guaranteed safety, Trotty.ro is the perfect place to purchase the next electric car for your little one.

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A wide range of electric vehicles for children:

  1. Electric ATVs for children

Discover our 4×4 electric ATV models for children, such as the J-MB3016 with one seat and the J-MB3011 with two seats. Both models are equipped with 4 x 390W motors and a 12V-7Ah battery, providing fun and safety for the little ones while exploring rough terrains.

  1. Electric Jeeps and off-road cars

If you’re looking for a robust and adventurous electric vehicle, we recommend our Jeep and off-road car models, such as the two-seater All Terrain WN1199 Jeep with 4 motors or the model LC-MB6006, a 4×4 electric car for children with two seats and a 2.4G/RC remote control. These vehicles offer an exciting and safe driving experience for kids, perfect for outdoor exploration.

  1. Electric sports cars and UTVs

For the little ones passionate about speed and sporty design, Trotty.ro offers electric cars like the MB-293 model with one seat, 2 x 380W motors, and a 2.4G/RC remote control, or the Stels Guepard 4×4 UTV, a two-seater electric vehicle with an imposing presence. These models are ideal for providing children with an exhilarating driving experience in a controlled and safe setting.

Usage recommendations for electric cars:

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the functions and features of the electric vehicle you wish to purchase. Choose the appropriate model based on the child’s age and experience level. Also, remember to follow the following recommendations to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for your child:

  1. Parental supervision

Even though electric vehicles are designed to be safe and easy for kids to handle, it is crucial for parents to provide continuous supervision during their use. Supervising the child while using the vehicle helps prevent potential accidents and ensures that the child follows safety rules and guidelines. Parental supervision adds an extra layer of protection and ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for the child while using the electric vehicle.

  1. Proper use of the remote control

Many of the models available on Trotty.ro come equipped with 2.4G/RC remote controls, which allow parents to control the vehicle from a distance. It is essential for parents to fully understand how the remote control functions and use it responsibly to ensure the child’s safety during playtime. By using the remote control properly, parents can intervene if necessary and keep the child in a controlled and safe environment while enjoying their electric vehicle. Responsible use of the remote control enhances the overall experience and provides peace of mind for both parents and children alike.

  1. Battery maintenance

To maintain the performance and durability of the electric vehicle, it is essential to take care of its battery. Charge the battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid overcharging or fully discharging it. Additionally, periodically check the connections and clean the battery contacts to prevent corrosion.

  1. Periodic inspection and maintenance

Regularly inspect the electric vehicle’s condition, including the braking system, tires, electrical connections, and mechanical components. Proper inspection and maintenance will ensure safe and efficient use of the vehicle in the long term.

Discover the full range of ATVs and electric cars on Trotty.ro and choose the model that suits the needs and preferences of your child. With options for all ages and experience levels, we are confident you will find the perfect electric vehicle to provide hours of fun and adventure for your little one.